We Don’t Give a Fugg

There is so much discussion going on in the media and the blogosphere regarding the validity of the Potus’s announcement of the death of Osama.  There has been a barrage of images of people celebrating the “victory” in the streets.  We in no way want to diminish the significance and magnitude of such a victory and the long-awaited sense of closure, but we’ve also noticed a reverberating STFW sense of apathy among many Americans.  So in our attempt to understand what is behind this disconnect we looked into what seems to be of greater interest to Americans, be it good or bad.  So here is our list of the Top Ten  Issues/Stories of Greater Interest to Americans:

1. Why is gas still over four gotdamn dollars per gallon?

2. 2011 NBA Playoffs The mf’n NFL Lockout

3. The end of that episode of The Celebrity Apprentice (the irony in the timing of the announcement has been noted Mr. President)

4. Somebody needs to do something about these muheffin gas prices.

5. Where is President Obama REALLY from?  (Birthers…please find a corner and have a permanent sat down! ___/ <—recliner

6. The world might end May 21, 2011.

7. How should I blow my liquidated assets before May 21?

8. …(answer to 7.)Not much  because gas is four dollars and 17 MILLION cents per gallon.

9. If I find the money to buy a plane ticket, how will this “victory” affect security measures on planes?

10. If the world ends, I get out of paying back my student loans for this piece of paper that serves me more purpose as an airplane than it does of making me more marketable in the job market.

On a more serious note, I sense that many of us are pretty consumed with present personal concerns/situations, some of which may resultant of Osama’s attacks, to the point that any news that isn’t immediately addressing our personal concerns is relegated to not being news worthy.  This understandable, especially when for many those personal concerns involve housing, food, clothing, GAS and the necessities and common comforts to which we’ve grown accustomed.

…or maybe we are just a bunch of insensitive, self-involed, self-absorbed, selfish summa ma bishes…idk.  What say you?

In the meantime, here’s a lil something to keep ya going!  If you like it, take a trip over to www.s-choirmusic.com for even more of the musical styling of the talented S-Choir!!!


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